Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trinity First School about?

This is not an easily answered question!

Trinity First School is an important part of the ministry of Trinity First Lutheran Church. We are about assisting families as they raise their children to achieve all the great things God has in store for them! We believe we have been given the job to provide an outstanding education to families with children from three years of age through the eighth grade. We also work to provide education and support to the parents and guardians of our students. In short, we are about education, encouragement, and excellence!

Is Trinity First School a traditional private school?

Yes and No.

We are traditional in that we

  • Provide a solid education that focuses on instruction of the basic areas of academics: Math, Language Arts (including Reading, Writing, and Spelling), Science, Social Studies, Handwriting, Art, Music, and Physical Education.
  • Divide our students by grade level based primarily on age.
  • Do not receive any public money to fund our school and set our own standards, policies, guidelines and structure. We charge tuition to help cover the cost of education.

We are untraditional in that we

  • Provide a full-time special education program that is fully integrated within our school. Children that need extra support services and care receive that on-site without all the red-tape that can be encountered in the public schools.
  • Offer a leveled Kindergarten program that allows for early enrollment.
  • Consider each person who joins our school a part of our family.
  • Receive 96% of our income from donations. Tuition is charged based on family size, income and situation; no family is turned away based on ability to pay.

Who does Trinity First School serve?

Well, God of course! However, we believe God placed us here to serve others because that’s how we serve Him! That means we are compelled to give God our best by providing a top-notch, high-quality school.

So who are those ‘others’ we serve? They are all the people God leads to our doors. Most of our student body live in Minneapolis and are quite diverse in race, ethnicity, background, and belief.


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