School Meals

Trinity First Meal Program

K3 and K4 students: K3 and K4 students are encouraged to eat breakfast at home. Parents are asked to provide bag lunches for their children on Mondays through Thursdays. On Fridays, volunteer churches provide a free pizza lunch.

K5 through 8th grade students: Trinity First participates in the School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program. Due to the Free School Meals bill all our students in K5 to 8th grade can receive one breakfast and one lunch free of charge. Trinity First works with the school catering service CKC Good Food to provide healthy and delicious meals to our students. If you have any questions or your child has special dietary needs, please contact Andrea Olson, the Food Program Manager.

Wellness Policy

Trinity First cares about the physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and social health of its students and families and is in the process of creating a school wellness policy. Parents, if you are interested in sharing your ideas during this process please contact Andrea Olson, the Food Program Manager.

Equipping Learners, Sharing Hope

Trinity First School

Equipping Learners, Sharing Hope