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Trinity First School seeks to bear witness to the sure knowledge of salvation through Jesus by being a beacon of Christian Education to the city.

Before you can decide if you should support TFS, it is important to learn why families come to our school and how your support can affect this school.

Families come to our school for many reasons. They are looking for a school that will:

Provide a safe-haven for their child. The children have been hurt in some way in their lives and need extra-special care and attention.

Take them in. We are a school-of-last-resort for some children who have been moved from school to school due to challenging issues that are not resolved.
Challenge their child. They are not being challenged where they are currently enrolled.
Help them raise their child in a Christ-filled home.
Provide their child with special education support.
Work with them even though they may be in an unstable situation (housing, job, life.)
Know their child and their family. They are seeking a small school where they can experience family.
Many of these families are not seeking a Christ-filled education because they do not yet know what that really means. We know that a Christ-filled education can bring so much more than an academic education. We know that Christ brings new life and the solution to all the challenges and problems a family may face!

Here are some reasons why you may choose to support TFS!

To join with us to help families find what God has to offer them through a Christ-filled education. Help students gain access to an education that can change their lives here and in eternity!

To join with the Body of Christ close to home as the world’s mission field has arrived at our doors. Visit, volunteer, and get hands-on involvement in an exciting mission field!

To make an impact on our society by training up children in the way of the Lord.
For more reasons – see the School Mission Facts section!