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How Can I Volunteer?

Tiger Club Before and After School Program

In order to support students who need homework help or parents who work long hours and are unable to drop off or pick up their children at the start and end of school, we have a Tiger Club Program. Volunteers are needed to help students with homework, supervise outdoor play, and give students some positive attention. This is one of our largest volunteer needs!
Hours: 7:20am-8:00am, 3:15pm-5:30pm
Commitment: preferably 1x/week or more for at least one semester (August-December, January-May)

One-on-One Tutoring / Classroom Help

We do the best we can to provide individualized instruction to students and to meet them where they are. It is difficult for one teacher to do this in a class of 20 students. Consider volunteering in the classroom to work directly with an individual student or a small group of students. No lesson planning necessary – the teacher will provide the materials and the instruction. Volunteers can work in any of our Kindergarten 3 to 8th grade classes, as well as the Treehouse, our Special Education room.
Hours: anytime between 10:00am-4:00pm, per teacher’s schedule
Commitment: preferably 1x/week for the whole school year (September-May)

Family Education Nights

At Trinity First, we value holistic education for the whole family. Family Education Nights are our connection point to the parents. After a wholesome meal, kids have supervised play in the gym or outside while parents have an opportunity to learn and ask questions about parenting, education, and more. We need volunteers to host the meal and/or supervise the kids. We currently have around two family nights per month.
Hours: 5:15pm-7:30pm
Commitment: one-time or ongoing Tuesday evenings (September-April)

Teacher Assistance

Teachers have many tasks to complete, and the list often seems endless! Consider helping a teacher on special projects, which might include grading, copying, cutting, sorting, creating, and more. The teacher will have specific directions and tasks so no preparation or previous experience is necessary.
Commitment: as needed, can be combined with Tutoring/Classroom Help

Office Work

There is always copying, filing, and record keeping to do at a school! If you have the gift of details and organization, consider helping in our school office.
Commitment: varies

Newsletter / PR Mailings

We are funded 4% by student tuition, and 96% by individual donors. It is important we update our generous supporters periodically through the year, and we do this through a quarterly newsletter. This is not an easy task, with almost 2000 newsletters needing to be printed, folded, stuffed, and stamped. Consider doing this on-site or off-site, with a small group, Bible study, or lunch group – the options are endless!
Commitment: 4x/year (approx. September, December, March, and June), and as needed for special mailings.

Prepare or Sponsor Morning Snack/Lunch

To assist parents in being responsible for their children’s meals and to limit the extensive food waste that occurs under the federally-funded food program, we are asking parents to provide daily meals for their children. To ease this new responsibility, we are looking for people to volunteer in a few different ways:

  • lead and sponsor Saturday Meal Workshops where parents are invited to prepare frozen meals to be packed in lunches later on
  • bring and serve a meal on-site during our lunchtime to give parents a break from packing a lunch
  • sponsor a special meal (such as Pizza Friday) to give parents a break from packing a lunch
  • provide a snack to supplement meals

Commitment: one-time or ongoing (1x/week or 1x/month)

Music Lessons

Our worship team consists of many excited and talented students who are amateurs at their instrument. We are looking for voice, piano, guitar, and drum set teachers to help students improve their skill outside of group praise team practice. We aren’t looking for professionals, just someone who knows the instrument and can pass on the skill!
Commitment: preferably 1x/week for the whole school year (September-April)


The sports available to our students depends primarily on the availability of coaches. If there is no coach, there is no sport. We currently have a cross country team and basketball teams. In the past, we have had soccer, volleyball, and track at one point or another. If you have an interest in athletics and like to pass on that knowledge, ask us about coaching at Trinity First!
Commitment: full season of a sport

Facility Care / Cleaning

With 160 students, their families, and our staff using our old and cramped facilities, we are often in need of cleaning and maintenance help! If your gift is in fixing, building, or you can use a broom, we can use you in this area!
Commitment: one-time or ongoing (1x/week or 1x/month)

SBS Summer School Program

Our Summer Bridge to Success (SBS) Summer School Program is a combination of Summer School and Vacation Bible School (VBS). Students work on academics (math, reading, etc.) in the morning and engage in large motor and hands-on sectionals in the afternoon. Each week also focuses around a Bible story shared each day that connects to our overarching summer theme. At the end of the week, students attend a field trip. Volunteers are needed to help as teacher aids, sponsor field trips, and sponsor/serve lunch.
Commitment: 1x/week or for a whole week (Monday through Thursday) at a time (June)

Special Events

Trinity First has several special events during the school year to engage families and promote community. These events include Fall Festival in September, Christmas Program in December, Community Family Fair in April, Musical in May, and Graduation in June. Each event needs some type of set-up, clean-up, supervision, financial support, manpower, and more. Our musical also involves costume making if you have a gift in sewing.
Commitment: one-time

Substitute Teaching

We are continually looking for educators who are willing to substitute for us! If you have a degree in education or once had a degree and are now retired, consider substituting in one of our Kindergaten 3 through 8th grade classrooms.
Commitment: as needed

ESL Classes/Tutoring

Many of our parents are first-generation immigrants whose first language is not English. We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about teaching basic conversational English to parents and/or our students. We don’t require an ESL certificate, but some experience teaching English or teaching in general is appreciated.
Commitment: 1x/week for the whole school year (September-May)


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