Lutheran Special Education Ministries (LSEM)

Lutheran Special Education Ministries (LSEM) is a Christian organization contracted by Trinity First School to provide high quality faith-based special education and supportive instruction to qualifying students. We call our program the Tree House!

This program is an integral part of Trinity First School and works with students who have been referred by the classroom teacher with the approval of the parents/guardians.

Our students view the Tree House as a fun place to go. We work hard to eliminate discrimination against students who need this valuable service. One way we have combated a negative view of support services is to open the Tree House to students who would not otherwise qualify for service. The teacher of the Tree House has offered book clubs (Brunch & Books) and also allows some of our students to bring a friend during their scheduled time.

The Tree House provides services for students with Individual Education Plans (IEP) and other plans that focus on student achievement. Students who are recommended to the program do not always need to have an IEP; some students may be allowed for service for up to two years without formalized testing.

Testing services are available free from Minneapolis Public Schools at the parent’s request and after sufficient documentation of interventions have taken place. We work closely with our Minneapolis Public School Special Education liaison to provide the care and support our students may need.

For more information on LSEM, visit their website!

Equipping Learners, Sharing Hope

Trinity First School

Equipping Learners, Sharing Hope