Middle School

Middle School

Trinity First School categorizes the sixth to eighth grade as middle school for the purpose of highlighting a change in approach to our instruction.

We begin to give the students a bit more independence in order to give them the practice and encouragement needed to make the change to high school.

The students will begin the experience of switching teachers for a deeper study on the core subjects, as well as begin work towards advanced writing, research, and discrimination of information.

It is during these transitional from elementary to high school, that we also address the following questions to prepare for the wider world:

Who do you want to be?

How do you want be perceived by your friends, family and the world?

Who do you represent?

How can I resist the temptations of the world?

How do I handle relationships in a Christian manner?

What is the best way to study independently and manage my time and schedule?

How can I advocate for others and myself?

Equipping Learners, Sharing Hope

Trinity First School

Equipping Learners, Sharing Hope