When you walk into the classrooms, you will notice the variety of centers or learning stations. Teachers are careful to plan activities that are both developmentally appropriate and keep the individual young learner in mind. We believe that play is the base foundation for all learning for young students. Play, along with other hands-on activities, is how students begin to understand and process their world. This unlocks their creativity and imagination, and develops reading, thinking, and problem solving skills as well as further develops social and motor skills. We believe that good teacher/child interactions help foster students’ learning. These interactions are key.

The following are just some of the concepts we will learn through this year. We look forward to having lots of fun learning and growing this year!


  • We will learn that God created us and the world.
  • We will learn that God loves us and protect us.
  • We will learn that Jesus saves us.
  • We will listen to Bible stories.
  • We will learn simple Bible verses.
  • We will learn to say simple prayers and express our own thoughts in prayer.
  • We will learn that we serve God by serving others.


  • We will learn numbers and counting.
  • We will learn to add and subtract.
  • We will learn about money.
  • We will sort by various attributes.
  • We will order.
  • We will measure.
  • We will create patterns.
  • We will explore shapes.


  • We will identify and start writing our names.
  • We will learn phonics.
  • We will listen to stories.
  • We will retell stories and predict what comes next.
  • We will learn to ask and answer questions.
  • We will learn to listen to and follow directions.
  • We will draw pictures to tell a story.
  • We will expand our vocabularly.
  • We will learn how to read.


  • We will explore our world.
  • We will use our five senses.
  • We will observe and experiment.
  • We will explore science tools: magnets, prisms, magnifying glasses, etc.
  • We will measure and mix.
  • We will study animals, weather, plants, color, light, etc.

Social Studies

  • We will learn about ourselves: our bodies, feelings, etc.
  • We will learn about families, the community, our nation, and the world.
  • We will learn what it means to share and take turns.
  • We will practice using our manners and communicating our needs and wants in appropriate ways.
  • We will learn to take care of our personal needs and do it for ourselves.

Large Motor Development

  • We will develop large muscle control and coordination.
  • We learn to move in our own space.
  • We will use a variety of equipment.
  • We will follow the rules.
  • We will play games together.

Fine Motor Skills

  • We will learn to use scissors and cut.
  • We will learn how to hold pencils and crayons.
  • We will learn how to color, trace, draw, paint, and glue.
  • We will learn how to write.
Equipping Learners, Sharing Hope

Trinity First School

Equipping Learners, Sharing Hope