School Mission Facts

School Mission Facts

We are an elementary school that serves children aged 3 through the eighth grade. The prekindergarten classes are full day – every day and are as much part of our school as the eighth graders.
Families contribute to the cost of education on a sliding-fee tuition plan based on family size, income and situation. Tuition brings in about 5% of our total income. The rest of our income comes from God though our donors!

The cost per child is over $9,000 per student (2023), but the highest we charge is $2,000 (we offer significant discounts for multiply children enrolled). Many of our families struggle to pay even their reduced tuition; about 70% qualify for free or reduced price meals. Parents can volunteer and attend parent education events to reduce their tuition.

No child is turned away due to a family’s ability to pay. As long as a family is receptive to our involvement and their child is willing to work hard, we will share with them the blessings God has bestowed on this school. This allows us a wonderful way to witness to families and illustrates the Body of Christ at work! Working through the tuition process has often allowed us to make a greater impact in ministry. Most are grateful and amazed by the way God provides. Our donors become part of our mission story as we point to their faithfulness to let God use them for His Kingdom. “To God Be The Glory!”
Depending on the year, 35% to 40% of our students qualify for special education services through our Lutheran Special Education Ministries (LSEM) program. This significantly affects our ministry so that children and families who have great challenges can be cared for in a Christ-filled school.
All donations received by our school (unless specifically designated) are put to use supporting our general operating expenses. This funds our school year-round – including our Summer Bridge to Success Program. Larger gifts are received by the Trinity First School Charitable Trust and Foundation (CTF), which is a legally separate organization dedicated to the support of our school.
One of the biggest impacts we can make on a child is our ability to support and encourage his or her family. Our over-arching goal is to build a family of culturally diverse Christian disciples. We offer a parent education program that offers education, support and encouragement.
Our student body reflects the cultural and racial diversity of God’s family.
Tiger Club is our after-school activity program that serves about half of our students. The Tiger Club provides children a place to receive homework help, an after-school snack, and encouragement.
Volunteers bring much-needed support to all our programs, especially the Tiger Club and Summer Bridge to Success programs. Their loving assistance allows us to extend our reach to our children to make an even greater impact on their lives.
Equipping Learners, Sharing Hope

Trinity First School

Equipping Learners, Sharing Hope